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A list of countries I have visited. Currently, there are 52 countries on the list. Perhaps I’ve missed a couple.

  1. Albania
    One day (actually about five hours) in Shkodër on a day-trip from Dubrovnik in July 2016.

  2. Antigua and Barbuda
    One-day stop in Antigua at Christmas 2006. This included a helicopter trip to Montserrat, which I’m not including as we didn’t land.

  3. Australia
    Went to a wedding in Orange in 2002. Followed that with a week in Sydney.

  4. Barbados
    Holiday in about 1997 and a one-day stop from a cruise at Christmas 2006.

  5. Belgium
    Many visits to Brussels.

  6. Belize
    One day stop on a cruise at Christmas 2006

  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Brief stop in Trebinje as part of a day-trip from Dubrovnik in July 2016.

  8. Botswana
    Day trip to Chobe on a holiday in Zimbabwe in 1999

  9. Canada
    Conference in Toronto in July 2023

  10. China
    Three week holiday in 1998(?)

  11. Costa Rica
    Two days at the end of the Christmas 2006 cruise

  12. Croatia
    One day stop in Dubrovnik during a cruise in 2004. Also a nine-day stay in July 2016.

  13. Cuba
    Three days during the Christmas 2006 cruise

  14. Denmark
    Two trips to Copenhagen. A conference in 2008 and a stop on a cruise in 2010(?)

  15. Egypt
    Holiday in Cairo and cruising down the Nile in 2003

  16. Estonia
    A week’s holiday following a conference in Latvia in 2011

  17. Finland
    One day stop in Helsinki on Baltic cruise in 2010(?)

  18. France
    Not as often as you might think. A couple of trips to Paris (a holiday in 1988 and conference in 2003), a trip to Cannes in about 2005 and a few day trips to Boulogne and Calais. A few days in Saint Malo in summer 2023. Oh, and visits to Martinique (cruise 2006) and Reunion (cruise 2014).

  19. Georgia
    A long weekend in Tbilisi in March 2023 (first time leaving the country after the pandemic!)

  20. Germany
    School trip to Saint Goar (no, me neither) in 1977 and a few business meetings in Hanover in about 1990. Oh, and two trips to Berlin – a cruise stop in 2010(?) (one that required a three-hour coach journey!) and a long weekend in 2012.

  21. Greece
    Stop in Olympia on the 2004 cruise.

  22. India
    Two-week holiday (Mumbai, Darjeeling, Delhi, Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur) in October/November 2018.

  23. Ireland
    Couple of trips to Dublin in 1992 and about 1997. Couple of trips to somewhere further south in about 2000.

  24. Italy
    The 2004 cruise started and finished in Venice. Conference in Pisa in 2010 which was followed by a week in Rome and Venice. And I had a long weekend in Rome in November 2019.

  25. Latvia
    Conference in Riga in 2011. And again in 2019.

  26. Luxembourg
    Day trip from one of my trips to Brussels.

  27. Madagascar
    Three stops on the Christmas 2014 cruise – Tulear, Nosy Komba and Antsiranana.

  28. Malaysia
    Day trip to Melaka from my second visit to Singapore.

  29. Mauritius
    Second week of our honeymoon in 1996. Also the start and end of the 2014 Christmas cruise.

  30. Montenegro
    Two day trips whilst on holiday in Dubrovnik in July 2016. One to Kotor and one driving past Budva on the way to Albania.

  31. Mozambique
    Stop on Mozambique Island on the Christmas 2014 cruise.

  32. Netherlands
    A few trips to Amsterdam (stag weekend in 1995, a conference in 2005(?) and a long weekend in 2020). Also another conference in the east of the country in 2004(?).

  33. New Zealand
    Three-week holiday in 2007.

  34. Norway
    A one-day stop in Oslo on a cruise in 2010(?).

  35. Portugal
    Conference in Lisbon in 2009. Also a stop at Madeira on the Christmas 2006 cruise.

  36. Romania
    Conference in Cluj-Napoca in August 2016.

  37. Russia
    Two trips to St Petersburg. A holiday in 1995 and a two-day stop on the cruise in 2010(?)

  38. Saint Lucia
    One day stop on the Christmas 2006 cruise.

  39. Singapore
    Stopped here four times, breaking flights to and from Australia (in 2002) and New Zealand (in 2007).

  40. Slovenia
    A week or so based in Ljubjana in Spring 2016.

  41. South Africa
    Christmas 2012 in a safari lodge on a private game reserve near Kruger and then in Cape Town. And then the same again (but in the opposite order) around Christmas 2016.

  42. Spain
    Worked in Madrid for a few months in 1992/3. Christmas 2006 cruise left from Barcelona. Two-week holiday/conference in Granada in 2015. Trips to Seville and Ibiza in 2023

  43. Sweden
    A one-day stop in Stockholm on a cruise in 2010(?).

  44. Switzerland
    Two or three visits to a friend living in Lausanne in about 1990.

  45. Tanzania
    One day stop in Dar-Es-Salaam in Christmas 2014, followed by two days on Zanzibar.

  46. Turkey
    Two stops on the 2004 cruise. One in Istanbul and one at Ephesus. And a slightly longer visit to Istanbul in 2023.

  47. Turks and Caicos
    One day stop on the 2006 cruise.

  48. Ukraine
    Conference in Kiev in 2013

  49. United Kingdom
    Most of the time.

  50. United States of America
    Trips to New York in 1996(?) and 2001. Conference in Monterey in 2000. Conferences in San Diego in 2001 and 2002. Holiday in San Francisco and Las Vegas in 2014.

  51. Vatican City
    Whilst in Rome in 2010 and 2019.

  52. Zimababwe
    Honeymoon in 1996. Went back in 1999.


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