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  • “I Do Not Want To Use Any Modules”
    Almost every day on the Perl groups on LinkedIn (or Facebook, or StackOverflow, or somewhere like that) I see a question that includes the restriction “I do not want to use any modules”. There was one on LinkedIn yesterday. He wanted to create a MIME message to pass to sendmail, but he didn’t want to install any modules. Because “getting a module installed will have to go though a long long process of approvals”. And I understand that. I really do. We’ve all seen places where getting new software installed is a problem. But I see that problem as a bug... read more
    From: Perl Hacks | Published on 2014-09-21
  • Hazel O’Connor – The Bedford
    Why this gig? Because it’s not often that one of idols of your youth plays in the pub at the end of your road. Seriously, there’s no way I wasn’t going to be at this show. Support No support Headline Hazel O’Connor has a stripped-back backing band which consists of two women. One of them is Clare Hirst, formerly of the Belle-Stars, playing sax and the other is Sarah Fisher who has played with people like the Eurythmics. So there’s a lot of talent on stage. With a line-up like that, you might expect that the night would be heavily... read more
    From: Dave’s Gig Reviews | Published on 2014-08-12

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