Some geeky projects that I’m involved with.

Twitter Stuff

  • @apollo11at50 was a Twitterbot that tweeted the Apollo 11 mission timeline in real time (well, shifted by fifty years) in summer 2019

Perl Stuff

  • My CPAN modules (and a dashboard showing their current status)
  • nms
    Web programs to replace the ones from Matt’s Script Archive (largely defunct now)

Local Stuff

I’ve been trying to build up some local communities by aggregating content that might be of interest to them. You can see what I’m doing at The Planetarium.

Most of my efforts are concentrated on Balham (as that’s where I live).

And there’s a site that does a better job than the official one of sharing data about Tower Bridge’s lift times.

Political Stuff

  • Planet Westminster attempts to aggregate all MPs’ blogs
  • Political Web is intended to be one site which has links to all web sites about each MP in Parliament – still very much a work in progress
  • TwittElection builds Twitter lists of all of the PPCs in each constituency in the 2015 UK general election
  • Line of Succession shows the line of succession to the British crown on any day back to the start of the nineteenth century.

BBC Streams

Several years ago I wrote something that scraped the BBC radio web site and created a directory of all of their “listen again” streams. These days, the directory is still there but it looks a bit moribund – and anyway the Radio iPlayer does it far better.

News Feeds

I built a directory of UK news feeds. It’s a bit out of date now, and many newspapers seem to change the address of their web feeds monthly, making the job far harder than it needs to be. And the Guardian now produces a ridiculous number of feeds – so I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping it up to date



The source code to most of these projects will be found in my github account. Feel free to play with it – but please let me know if you do anything cool with it.

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